Mar 22, 2017

8 Bloggers Share Their Tips To Help You Free Your Closet

Spring has arrived! You know what that means, right? It's the perfect time to start cleaning out your closet. Out with the winter duds and in with some spring and early summer loves. 

To help you get started, we've asked Vancouver's favorite bloggers to share their favorite closet cleaning tips. They are getting ready to clean out their own wardrobes for the upcoming Shop The Blogger Closet Sale on April 16th sponsored by Flaunt Fashion Library. This is not a sale to be missed! Remember how you were eyeing their Instagram OOTD? Well, now it can be yours. They'll be hundreds of items ranging from clothes, shoes and accessories. We'll also be raising money for Because I am a Girl, a project that focuses on providing girls in the poorest regions of the world access to their rights and a quality education. Be sure to reserve your spot to this free event and stay posted on our Facebook page for your chance to WIN A $100 SHOPPING SPREE TO THE SALE!

Now, let's help you make some room in your closet...


TIP #1: Swap! 
Get together some girlfriends, bring a bag of unwanted clothing, dump it all out, and swap away! This has actually been one of my favourite ways of switching up my wardrobe. I’ve found swaps on and plan to do it more often with friends. The more, the merrier when it comes to swapping – you’ll never know what someone else is getting rid of!

Blogger: Elizabeth Manuntag  |  The Style Saver
Instagram: @thestylesaver_

Read more Closet Overhaul tips from The Style Saver here.



TIP #2: Pare down outerwear to seasonal essentials
You don't need five trench coats just because they look "slightly different". Just keep one or two classic ones in your wardrobe.

Blogger: Claire Liu  |  Von Vogue
Instagram: @vonvogue


TIP #3: Would you buy it again?
Sometimes I am swayed by boredom, designer labels that are a steal of a deal, and passing fads. That leather Club Monaco leather jacket I debated for nearly an hour in the fitting room while the sales associate begrudgingly insisted that it was in fact my size? Hands down would buy it again. That Aritzia shawl neck cardigan? (You know, the one everyone in Vancouver owns in black or grey and at least one fashion colour.) Nope.

Vicki Duong Flirty and Frugal Shop The Blogger Closet Sale

Blogger: Vicki Duong  |  Flirty And Frugal
Instagram: @vickiduong
Read more tips from Vicki on How To Purge Your Closet here.


TIP #4: Give yourself time to move on.
If you find it too hard to take something straight out of your closet and give it away right away, take the items out of your closet and put them in a bag out of sight for a few weeks. By the time you go to give away the bag of clothes in a few weeks, you'll likely realise you forgot all about them, and they'll be easier to part with! 

 Britta Bisig Shop The Blogger Closet Sale

Blogger: Britta Bisig  |  Vancouver Vogue


TIP #5: Coordinate! 

Coordinating your closet by colour or type of garment can save you a lot of time when choosing an outfit and can allow you to see everything that you own. I arrange my closet by type (tanks, tees, shirts, etc.) and then by colour. For example, all black tank tops are grouped together and so forth.

Randa Salloum Shop The Blogger Closet Sale

Blogger: Randa Salloum 
Instagram: @randasalloum

TIP #6: Does it fit? Have your style changed?
At the end of every season, I go through my closet and see what pieces I would keep and pass on depending on the fit of the piece, whether if the piece is a trendy item or my style has changed. 

Charmyn Chan Shop The Blogger Closet Sale

Blogger: Charymn Chan  |  Ko-Morebi
Instagram: @charmynchan


TIP #7: When was the last time you've worn it?

One of my all time favourite tip is that if you haven’t worn it more than 6 months and that it is hidden in the back of your closet, it’s time to put it in the donation pile!

Holly Ho Shop The Blogger Closet Sale

Blogger: Holly Ho  |  Miss Holly Ho
Instagram: @misshollyho
Bonus Tip (for after the purge): Invest in quality.
When rebuilding your closet, invest in timeless, capsule pieces so that you can do more with less - a current goal I have for myself!

 Rina Shop The Blogger Closet Sale

Blogger: Rina Doria  |  And She Dressed
Instagram: @rinasamantha



What was your favorite tip? Do you have one to share? Tell us in the comment section!

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