Lender Elizabeth Manuntag

Do you have great style, too many clothes sitting unused in your closet and want to make some cash? This lender program is for you! We are looking for more inventory to fill our collection. 

Sizes: We currently carry sizes 0-12 but we welcome all sizes. We want to grow our collection so women of all shapes and sizes can be served. We rent out the dresses at 10-25% of the original retail price. 

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Lender Consignment Contract Terms & Conditions 

(Updated: July 30, 2018)

  1. Item Condition– Lender agrees to only rent items that are in good condition with no defects which include tears, stains, pulls, holes and odors. All items must be in ready to wear condition, clean and/or dry cleaned.At the Lender's request, FlauntBox can submit the item(s) to partnering drycleaners and Lenders will be invoiced accordingly. FlauntBox reserves the right to charge Lenders for any labor or out of pocket cost associated with cleaning, pressing or repairs needed to any items. 

  2. Commission, Pricing, Payment Terms– Lenders will receive 50% of the rental price LESS CLEANING FEESwhen any of their items are rented during the Consignment Term. Lenders are encouraged to give their input when pricing items but FlauntBox has final authority on the rental price. If lenders wishes to have a minimum amount they would like to receive for an item then that needs to be disclosed up front prior to consigning the select items. FlauntBox reserves 1) the right to reduce the price of any item at our own discretion without the consent of the lender and, 2) the right to use the dress for marketing purposes without reimbursement to the Lender. The rental price may vary from the agreed upon rental price due to sales promotions. Checks will be issued within 30 days after the end of the item’s rental period.

  3. Consignment Period– The full consignment period is 90 days unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The Lender will be allowed to reserve their item for personal wear anytime during the consignment period provided the item has not been reserved by another customer during the requested time period. Lenders will be able to pick up their merchandise after the end of the consignment period. Those not claimed within seven (7) days following the end of the consignment period will become the property of FlauntBox and may be donated. Any monies shall accrue to FlauntBox. 

  4. Responsibility for Loss, Damage, Insurance Coverage– FlauntBox will be responsible for the safe keeping of all consigned items while they are in its custody. The Lender acknowledges and accepts that slight wear is expected to items after each time it is rented.  After each rental, FlauntBox assesses each item and has it repaired immediately if it has been damaged. If the item needs major repair, the renter will be billed for the cost of that repair. If an item is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, FlauntBox will replace the item or compensate the lender for the current retail value of the dress (set at 30-40% of the original retail price at the sole discretion of FlauntBox).