Mar 06, 2017

We have met so many of you during this past year as we were building Flaunt Fashion Library. Thank you for all your support! It’s meant the world to us. However, we have been feeling really guilty that we never took the time to post updates or stop to say “hello” to those of you who found us online. We want to get to know you better and for you to know us, too. After all, Flaunt was built to support these kinds of connections; a space for us fashion lovers to explore better living thru the clothes we wear.

If you’re new to our story, you’re probably wondering “What is Flaunt Fashion Library?” Well, there’s no one better to answer that then the founder herself so we’ve hit her up with a little Q & A. 

Flaunt Fashion Library founder Kim Luu

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Kim Luu. I am a social entrepreneur, fashion designer and a mother to three amazing little beings. Flaunt is my first venture but it definitely won’t be my last.
Q: What is Flaunt Fashion Library?
A: We are a Vancouver-based dress rental service for a complete wardrobe. We give women the opportunity to wear a new outfit everyday without the commitment or guilt of buying new. Our collection is filled with new and pre-loved dresses from lenders.

Think of us like the cool girl’s collective closet, you know – the Kate Moss’, the Sarah Jessica Parkers, the Olivia Palermos – now, you have access to their great style all in one place.
Q: When did you start this company?
A: I had initially thought about this idea back in 2012 but it wasn’t the right time to start a business as I was pregnant with my third child. I revisited it in 2015 and slowly over the course of a year; I conducted my market research to see what resonated with people. One thing that always came up was designer dress rentals. Surprisingly, we don’t have one in Vancouver right now.
Q: What inspired this concept?
A: I had been working in the fashion industry for about 15 years when I started to see the negative effects of fast fashion on our planet and to ourselves. I was your typical consumer who would buy more than needed because of the cheap price tag. I accumulated so much clothes and yet I still found myself saying “I have nothing to wear!” Even worse, I felt awful because my closet was overstuffed and messy and I wasted money on things I didn’t even wear. I wanted to find a solution where women could have access to amazing style at affordable prices in a way that’s gentler to the planet. That’s how the idea of a collective closet came about. However, I wasn’t interested in being just a dress rental service. Flaunt will be a resource for anyone looking to create a better wardrobe for their lifestyle and be a bridge towards slower fashion.
Q: What is your vision for the future of Flaunt?
A: My favorite question to get asked! I imagine an endless virtual closet and multiple Flaunt Fashion Library locations where with your monthly membership, you could walk in or with a click of a mouse, select your week’s outfits, “check them out”, return in a week to pick your next selection.

Every Flaunt member’s personal closet would consist of a core wardrobe of amazing basics and unique pieces they love and wear often. For everything else, they’ll borrow from Flaunt.
Q: Do you have an ask from the readers of this post?
A: Yes! Creating change this big is too much for one person to do alone. I’m only here because of others who have the same problem or others who believed in the vision. We need more renters and lenders to make a real impact. Be a part of our success by talking and sharing this concept with others. 


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